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Professional Snorkelling/Diving Liquid Silicone Set WIL-DS-14B

Professional diving mask with tempered glass lenses, silicone skirt and straps, highest quality for extended range and depth and 100% Totally Dry Snorkel  

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- 100% Liquid Silicone Face Mask.

- Tempered Glass Lens (by anti-fog treatment, high-impact, shatter-resistant).

- PC Frame.

- The strap is very easy to adjust.

- New fashionable butterfly shape design.

- High quality for extended range and depth.



- Unique 100% completely dry design - Patented upper valve keeps water from ever entering the snorkel. Air easily enters snorkel for clean, unobstructed breathing. The specially designed cover guard against water splashing into the snorkel. When the dry snorkel is submerged in the water the patented hinged seal reacts to seal the snorkel to prevent the water from get in. As you surface the hinged seal swings open allowing air to enter.

- Quick slip-in snorkel keeper

- Pre-curved improved silicone mouthpiece (removable) to prevent jaw fatigue – please see the photos

- Silicone purge valve for easy draining